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Prescription Drug Detox

At Sequoia Detox Centers, we know that the only way to guarantee a successful start to the recovery journey is with a medically-supervised prescription pill detox program.

What is Prescription Drug Addiction...

and how can Sequoia help?


Prescription drugs can create a physical and chemical dependence by making changes in the brain that take time to reverse. Prescription medications are beneficial for a number of different reasons. Common daily prescription pills are used to treat ADHD, anxiety, and severe pain. These prescription medications are also known for being highly abused. Many believe prescription pill abuse is somewhat safer than other drug abuse considering these drugs are prescribed by a medical doctor and FDA-approved.


Unfortunately, this thinking contributes to the prescription pill epidemic being such a problem in our country. Many of these prescribed medications are psychoactive, mind-altering, and can lead to addiction problems.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 52 million people older than 12 have used prescription medications recreationally in their lifetime. Once abuse turns to an addiction, serious problems arise.


Prescription drugs fall into three main classes: opioid pain relievers, stimulants, and central nervous system depressants. Each type of drug can create a physical and chemical dependence by making changes in the brain that take time to reverse.


Withdrawal occurs when the drug use is stopped or quantities are decreased. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe, and they can even be life-threatening if not managed safely.


Prescription Drug Detox is Crucial to Recovery

When the anxiety and pain from withdrawal begin, it can become too much to tolerate for many individuals. In most cases, this is the main cause of relapse. Medical detox is crucial to beginning the recovery journey. Through proper medical treatment and additional therapy, a former addict is more likely to be successful and sustain sobriety.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

The cycle of dependence can be difficult to break and often requires professional assistance. The first step in most recovery programs is typically detox. Detox refers to the process by which toxins are purged from the body. The detox process may vary depending on the type of drug abused, length of time abused, and the severity of the dependence.
Since there are a number of different prescription medications that people become addicted to, the withdrawal symptoms will vary. Frequently-abused prescription pills include opiates, benzos, and amphetamines.

The most successful way to detox from any form of prescription pills is a medically supervised prescription pill detox program such as the one at Sequoia Detox Centers.

Get help for Prescription Pill Addiction at Sequoia Detox Center

With all prescription pill detox and withdrawals, the individual’s body will be affected physically, mentally, and spiritually. Withdrawal symptoms from most prescription medications are so severe that detoxing without medical supervision often fails.


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