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Methamphetamine Detox

Sequoia Detox Centers can help you detox from harmful drugs like methamphetamines that can cause physical dependence and symptoms of withdrawal when ceased.

What is Methamphetamine Addiction...

and how can Sequoia help?

Methamphetamine use has more than quadrupled in the last decade. Methamphetamine, or meth, is a drug that acts on the dopamine pathway, which is best known for its regulation of feelings of pleasure. The drug triggers the release of high amounts of dopamine, which causes this substance to be extremely addictive. The short length of the high paired with the “crash” or withdrawal symptoms of days to weeks cause rapid dependency and often result in users taking meth in many brief intervals, drawing the effects out for even up to several days. It is rare for a person to recover from a meth addiction without detox and rehabilitation assistance.

Other effects of meth are similar to stimulant drugs, increasing the activity of the autonomic nervous system to cause rapid breathing and heart rate, elevated temperature, restlessness, and a reduced desire for sleep or food. Methamphetamine is found in many forms including crystal, powder, liquid, and even pill. All types of meth are known to cause extreme and very noticeable symptoms over time. Cognitive difficulties such as confusion, paranoia, and memory loss are common, as are weight loss, insomnia and violence, and meth is most recognizable for causing skin itching and sores as well as black and brittle teeth.

Many of the side effects are permanent due to deterioration of the nervous system. Emotional and cognitive issues that may continue even when not using are language and learning difficulties, poor decision making and memory, and lack of coordination due to the deterioration of nerve cells. There is also often a correlation between psychoactive drug use and incurable diseases like Hepatitis or HIV due to unprotected sex and shared paraphernalia without adequate cleaning procedures. There is evidence to suggest that methamphetamine use nearly triples the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease1, as well as that meth use compounds the degeneration of neurons if the user has a pre-existing neural condition such as HIV 2.

Signs of Methamphetamine Addiction:

  • Extreme disinterest in food, or excessive weight loss
  • “Meth mouth”, missing, damaged, or blackened teeth
  • Anxiety, fidgeting, or paranoid behavior
  • Hallucinations, incoherence, or amnesia
  • Skin problems, generally itching, picking, and sores
  • Violence, increased risk-taking, or secretiveness

Methamphetamine Detoxification and Recovery

Detox from methamphetamines is best done in a medically supervised facility, due to the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. The most acute phase of meth detox typically occurs between two to seven days, though lasting effects on the body’s physiology can cause symptoms for months or years, or even permanent brain damage.

What Can I Expect From Treatment?

The timeline for treatment is ongoing, and possibly lifelong. Once the body has completed detox and overcome withdrawal, the focus is on the psychology of the patient and retraining the brain with positive cognitive associations and behavioural loops. An initial evaluation is conducted in order to determine a plan to stabilize and support the patient through detox and withdrawal and to keep them comfortable. The first two days of the withdrawal period are generally the most difficult physically.

From there, physical symptoms may last two to three weeks, with drug cravings, fatigue, and depression being the most lasting effects. After a month, physical withdrawal is no longer a concern, though the patient will likely still suffer from psychological dependency, and may also demonstrate physiological impairments. Based on the level of dependency, long-term management strategies may include medications, extended rehab facilities, and therapies for both the mind and the body.

Methadone withdrawal symptoms include:
  • Psychosis

  • Reduced cognition

  • Pain and nausea

  • Shaking or sweating.

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Drug cravings

  • Fatigue


Get help for Methamphetamine Addiction at Sequoia Detox Center

If you or someone you love is struggling with methamphetamine addiction, do not wait to seek help. With our holistic approach to recovery, patients can find freedom from meth addiction. We understand how to address all aspects of active addiction, including medical attention and therapeutic care.



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