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Take a virtual tour of our suites, learn about our catered meals, and get details about Sequoia Detox Center's on-site amenities.


With onsite pharmacy and pharmacists, we can ensure patients receive expedient, easy access to their medications.

Individual accomodations for each patient, with comfortable bedding, calming decor, and flat-screen TV.

Our meals are locally sourced and prepared, with multiple dietary options to fit any specific needs.


Contemporary, Clean, Calming.

Located in Spokane Valley, near the eastern border of Washington State, Sequoia Detox Centers is a secluded, innocuous facility where patients can focus solely on their wellbeing. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Spokane Valley boasts its urban meets-rural atmosphere with a subtle charm that is sure to get any recovery journey started on the right path.


Sequoia Standard

Rest comfortably in our peaceful, full-size bed, complete with an abundance of pillows and cozy bedding. A flat-screen TV, airy window, and tranquil decor make this room feel anything but standard.