Worried about someone you care about?

Medical Detox Treatment Can Help

Find out more about how Sequoia Detox Centers’ medical detox program can help end the cycle of addiction.


You Can't Force Change, but You Can Support Treatment

Taking the first step to get help can be challenging, and often times those struggling with addiction are not able to get through the process without support. If you are worried about a friend or family member, we will be happy to send you materials, talk with you about our program, and help guide you through assisting them with treatment, but they will need to ultimately make the decision to be admitted.

Washington state law doesn’t allow involuntary detention of anyone over the age of 13 due to a mental health or substance use issue. We will need a consent form to discuss any personal information or specific treatment options for your family member or friend, prior to admission.

Read more about involuntary detention HERE >

Get Emergency Help

If you are concerned that your friend or family member is at risk of harming themselves or others, or are unable to take care of themselves (gravely disabled), you can request a mental health evaluation by calling The Regional Crisis Line at +1-877-266-1818.


How to Support Someone at Sequoia

Emotional Support

Helping someone get into treatment can be daunting and emotional. Loved ones and supports can be the biggest barrier or the biggest aid for those seeking treatment. The more you know about addiction and treatment options, the more supportive you can be.

Transport & Admission Assistance

After calling to set up an initial evaluation, your loved one will need to get transportation to our facility to be assessed. We highly recommend that patients do NOT transport themselves, as it leads to increased safety concerns. If you are the person transporting the patient, you will need to wait until the initial assessment (sometimes taking up to 90 minutes) is completed before leaving the facility. This ensures the patient is the right fit for Sequoia (if they end up not being appropriate for our services, we don’t want them to be stranded), and any personal items that may not be suitable for our facility are taken back home.  

Focus on Care

Because of the brief time spent in our care, patients will not have access to any personal electronics—including phones and laptops. This allows each person to completely focus on treatment, without any outside distractions. We will also not allow any visitors during treatment, which may be challenging for both the person receiving treatment and their loved ones. We want patients to be totally engrossed on their treatment, and often times the pressures, commitments, and complications of personal relationships can inhibit that process. Being supportive about this part of treatment can help ease fears and make it easier for our patients to complete their detox. 

Release of Information

If you are hoping to be involved with the patient’s treatment and discharge, they will need to sign a release of information allowing you to access their information. This can be done during the initial assessment, or can be emailed directly to us, using our Release of Information Form. If the patient chooses to have you be a part of treatment, we will coordinate the discharge plan with you, ensuring the patient has adequate supports in place when they leave Sequoia.

Are You a Treatment Provider?

Get provider information, including our information about our referral process and downloads.