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Sequoia Detox Centers provides medical detox protocols to help individuals start the process of breaking free from drug or alcohol addictions. We utilize a medication-assisted treatment model to effectively manage individual withdrawal symptoms in a supportive and safe environment.

Sequoia Detox Centers’ objective is to help patients achieve a substance-free state, relieve the immediate symptoms of withdrawal, and treat any additional medical or psychiatric conditions. We recognize the importance of this vital first step of treatment as individuals and their families work toward a common goal of long-term abstinence and recovery.

Two previous patients of Sequioa Detox Centers enjoy a hike.

Addiction is a Brain Disease Not a Lack of Willpower

“Addiction is not a simple issue of willpower, nor is it a condition with the potential to be remediated by ‘just saying no.’ Addiction is a chronic, unyielding and relapsing brain disease requiring specialized and expert treatment. Giving clients a solid and healthy medically-supervised detox in a supportive and non-judgmental setting is key to successfully setting up the next step.”

~ Dr. James Knutson, Owner/President

Doctor at Sequoia Detox Centers explains how alcohol detox works to a new patient

Medical Detox Process

Prepare for recovery with our withdrawal management program at Sequoia Detox Centers. Tailored specifically to your personal goals and values, we will work with you to develop a treatment regimen that best fits your needs.

We focus solely on the initial portion of your recovery – medical detox. Similar to an ER visit for an asthma attack, medical detox for addiction provides immediate stabilization, but by itself does not change the long-term course of the condition.

Located in Spokane Valley, Washington

Located in Spokane Valley, near the eastern border of Washington state, Sequoia Detox Centers is a secluded, innocuous facility where patients can focus solely on their wellbeing. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Spokane Valley boasts its urbanmeets-rural atmosphere with a subtle charm that is sure to get any recovery journey started on the right path.

Recovery Starts Here

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